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  • Replacement Parts Services

    Replacement Parts Services

    At Tietjen, every shipped air brake system is fully documented and given a unique serial number. This ensures that the perfect replacement part can be provided quickly and reliably. Tietjen stocks a large inventory of brake units, pre-assembled components and assembly material. Our customer can conveniently browse through our online catalogue and directly order repair kits and replacement parts. Fast shipping reduces machine and vehicle downtimes.

  • Brake Calculation Services

    Brake Calculation Services

    The foundation for the precise determination of a trailer air brake system is the brake calculation. For this calculation, we require various technical data of the trailer. Simply download the .PDF file with the brake calculation data sheet.

  • Pressure Build-Up Time Measurement Services

    Pressure Build-Up Time Measurement Services

    When measuring the pressure build-up time, Tietjen uses the Conformity Test Unit (CTU) from WABCO. The response and pressure rise behaviour upon receipt of a pneumatic control signal is checked at the wheel brake cylinder with the worst position.

  • On-Site Services

    On-Site Services

    You need our support when assembling machines on-site? We offer this 'on-site service': On-site technical consulting. Installation of air brake systems at customer. Review of tractor/trailer combination and results analysis. Optimisation of existing air brake systems in tractors and trailers.