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  • Water-Soluble Fertilizer

    Water-Soluble Fertilizer

    These fertilizers are 100% water-soluble; as they are dissolved in a solution they do not contain solid particles or impurities. These fertilizers are used in fertigation, usually by preparing a concentrated solution which is then diluted until the adequate concentration for the crop is achieved. We offer our clients a whole range of products to meet every need. All of our brands include this type of fertilizer.

  • Foliar fertilizer

    Foliar fertilizer

    This type of fertilizer is directly applied to the plant (foliage, stem, fruit, etc.). It provides one or more of the nutrients that plants require in order to complement soil nutrition or correct specific deficiencies detected in the crop. Our foliar fertilizer comes in a liquid form which makes it easy to use and apply. We have a wide range of formulae and technology to meet farmers’ different needs. All of our brands include this type of...

  • Soil Based Fertilizers

    Soil Based Fertilizers

    These are solid fertilizers that are directly applied to the soil, close to the roots, in order to boost and enrich plant growth. DISAGRO has a wide range of products and formulae (mono products, blended fertilizers, homogenous compact fertilizers and chemical mixtures) in order to meet farmers’ nutritional requirements or preferences. The PELÍCANO, FertiCROP and NutriFeed brands offer this type of fertilizer.