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  • Plugger

  • Plugger Lawn Aerator

    Plugger Lawn Aerator

    It is well known that you will have to aerate your lawn if you want that maintained appearance which makes others green with envy. It is also well known that chemicals and fertilisers have only a limited effectiveness in providing healthy looking turf. In fact, they can do more harm than good if they are not used properly as part of a full maintenance programme. For instance, if fertilisers are applied to the surface of compacted turf (and most lawns...

  • Lawn Edgers

  • Lawn Edger Deluxe

    Lawn Edger Deluxe

    We all know that cutting your lawn makes your garden look good however, it really doesn't look tip top until the edges are clean and tidy, does it. When faced with edging, you can do it the old fashioned way using edging shears, which is labour intensive and time consuming or, you may prefer using a Strimmer which tends to be difficult to control and not so accurate. Both usually result in the loss of definition or, in the case of path edges, you use...

  • Lawn Spreaders

  • Turfmaster - Model SB52RD - Broadcast Spreader

    Turfmaster - Model SB52RD - Broadcast Spreader

    The hopper has a 25kg capacity and will spreader fertiliser or grit some 2-3 meters enabling you to cover large areas with minimal fuss. The finger tip cable control allows you to command what and how much you are spreading and the U shape handle makes it very comfortable to use.

  • Bunker Edger

  • Atom - Golf Bunker Edger

    Atom - Golf Bunker Edger

    Have you ever worked out just how long takes for a member of staff to maintain bunker edges and the length of time to clean up afterwards? How many times have you cut a new edge and been frustrated at how unsightly it is and had to cut another? Well, if you recognise either of these, you have just found the answer, the Atom Bunker Edger. This solves just these problems. Atom Industries are the premier manufacturer of bunker...