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  • PowerGard Maintenance Services

    PowerGard Maintenance Services

    This covers the machine’s standard servicing and scheduled replacement of parts using genuine components, lubricants and coolants. You can buy a PowerGard Maintenance plan for any John Deere Agricultural, Turf and Utility machine: new or used, regardless of age. The maintenance plan can also be specified to your individual needs.

  • PowerGard Protection

    PowerGard Protection

    PowerGard Protection provides coverage of machine repairs on all engine, transmission and frame components. You can receive different years of coverage to a maximum of 5,000 operating hours (Maximum coverage period may vary by model. Please ask your John Deere dealer for details.) starting from the end of the standard warranty period. Your John Deere dealer carries out power train repairs as well as the regular preventative maintenance using...

  • PowerGard Protection Plus

    PowerGard Protection Plus

    Together with PowerGard Maintenance, the PowerGard Protection Plus repair plan provides a full coverage protection that includes everything from PowerGard Maintenance and PowerGard Protection but also covers engine auxiliaries, electrical components, steering and brakes, hydraulics and the operator’s station. PowerGard Protection Plus adds up to five years coverage - to a maximum of 5,000 operating hours (Maximum coverage period may vary by model....

  • Reman Warranty Services

    Reman Warranty Services

    All John Deere Reman products feature a genuine John Deere warranty that meets or exceeds the coverage level found with an equivalent new part. This coverage includes both parts and labour when your dealer installs the component on your machine, otherwise the coverage is for parts only. Your dealer can provide further details about the terms and conditions of this industry-leading warranty.

  • Residential Service

    Residential Service

    John Deere recommends performing winter service inspections during the winter months. These ensure any potential downtime occurs in the quiet season. Ask your dealer for preventative service checks.