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  • Controlling Black Grass

    Controlling Black Grass

    Major Weed Of Cereal Crops which produce a large amount of seed. Major problem to most UK Farmers, particularly on the Eastern side of the country where cereals are intensively grown. Developed a resistance to a range of herbicides. Occurs at a very high densities. Reduces yield of crops if not controlled. Thrives on heavy land, particularly where drainage is poor and soils are wet. Blackgrass is favoured in Water Retentive Soils 80% of seeds...

  • Field Drainage

    Field Drainage

    Upon making an initial enquiry about your land drainage requirements, an experienced member of our team will arrange to carry out a site visit to assess exactly what needs to be done. We offer a complete service from start to finish; keeping you informed every step of the way. The starting point is for our team to carry out an inspection of the soil type and digging requirements, taking land and water levels to enable us to design the most efficient...