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  • TRASLADADORA - Grain Loading System

    TRASLADADORA - Grain Loading System

    Main Body Built extructural tube 100 x 60 mm, which gives structural strength and suitable for work wear. Discharge pipe 250 mm in diameter, which allows discharge capacity of 90 tons / hour {a truck in 20 minutes). This engine powered by a diesel Villa W 1500 27 HP, granting him regardless of any other implement for operation. Presents clutch and electric start to drive and cut of each component, has a 4-way hydraulic system, which drive: Folding and...


  • Model 7.5 MAC - Ferris Wheel

    Model 7.5 MAC - Ferris Wheel

    Main body constructed of sheet 14, which gives adequate structural strength, tubular spout Co SAE 1010 steel double guide support in case of derailment and winch for height adjustment. It: length is 7.50 m, with an inclination angle of 45 ° maximum, allowing you to lift a load alturamaxima 5.30 mts. It has a rubber belt system with tacos. cam rollers coated with rubber for better traction and mounted on bearings. Unloading system by flexible...

  • Model T / H 20 - Inoculator

    Model T / H 20 - Inoculator

    Main body constructed of SAE 1010 sheet 18, which gives adequate structural strength, structural profile of housing SAE 1010 steel, mounted on a shaft of 1.60 m wide gauge. Its length is 4 meters, with an inclination angle of 25 °, which allows to raise the seed at a maximum height of 1.10 m. has an inoculating system through a coil of 70 mm. wing mounted on bearings. Dosing system using bucket wheel and 2 plastic bins 20 liter, flow regulator...

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  • Rolls Up

    Rolls Up

    Built in UPN profiles of 8 with a gauge of 1.60 meters,    pivoting loading systei, shape pipe roll with 1 % . driven bv steel cable win IDEAL FOR TRANPORTAR ROLLS WITH ANY TYPE OF VEHICLE DUE TO SMALL SIZE