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  • Natural Big Round

    Natural Big Round

    Made from natural sisal, Natural Big Round has a non toxic rot proof preservative that gives significantly longer protection against fibre breakdown in the field. Each spool contains 2100m ensuring minimal down time in the field replacing finished spools.

  • Aquaculture Mussel Rope

    Aquaculture Mussel Rope

    With the dynamic growth of the mussel industry, innovative growing and harvesting techniques, coupled with state of the art processing procedures, Donaghys have ensured their mussel rope development is supplying international Mussel farmers with the technologically advanced products to meet their increasing demands. Donaghys Xmas Tree ropes are manufactured in distinct styles, straight or looped, weighted and in aqua or black. All ropes are treated...

  • Spat Collection & Grow Out

  • Extra Weighted Xmas Tree Spat Rope

    Extra Weighted Xmas Tree Spat Rope

    Superior Spat catching. Proven Spat retention. Unique trim construction. Straight trim reduced damage to spat during stripping. Each individual strand weighted. Fully balanced construction.

  • Eco Weighted Xmas Tree

    Eco Weighted Xmas Tree

    Patented Polymer based weighted strands. World first. Totally inert with no negative effects. FDA approved materials. 20% heavier than lead weighted Spat ropes. Longer life than lead. More economic than lead.

  • Lite Loop Mussel Rope

    Lite Loop Mussel Rope

    Specifically designed for high current/tidal areas. Light weight core. Dense loop trim configuration. Produces significantly less drag than standard ropes. Reduces fouling on ropes. Reduces slumping caused by over settlement. Unique Fibtrim technology.

  • Super Xmas Tree Rope

    Super Xmas Tree Rope

    Ideal for sheltered waters. Straight trim reduces crop damage during harvest. Economical construction. High quality UV stabilised yarn. Fully balanced construction.

  • Open Water Crop Rope

    Open Water Crop Rope

    Designed specifically for open water mussel farming. 18 months development and field trials. Special Aqua trim reduces Bio fouling. Fibtrim allows multiple attachment points. Highest loop density available. Fully balanced construction.

  • Russet Loop Crop Rope

    Russet Loop Crop Rope

    Twin brown high density trims. Unique twin trim support process giving short dense loops combined with longer outer loops. Exaggerated core diameter to increase bulk. Highest surface area available. Unique Fibtrim technology.

  • Hatchery Rope

    Hatchery Rope

    Braided 8 strand polypropylene with abraided surface attachment points and weighted core. Excellent spat collection and retention. Easily transportable from hatchery. Easily stripped with minimal spat damage. Internally weighted core. Proven in world leading hatcheries.