Doolans Precision Seeding

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  • Model 30 Series - Seed Hawk

    Model 30 Series - Seed Hawk

    The Seed Hawk 30 Series brings precision seeding to farming operations of all sizes. Regardless of the size of your operation or the diversity of your crops, the new 30 Series offers the same legendary seed and fertilizer placement as large-scale Seed Hawk drills, but in a compact combinaton tank and toolbar.

  • Model XL Series - Legendary Seed Hawk

    Model XL Series - Legendary Seed Hawk

    Legendary Seed Hawk toughness will not let you down when the pulling gets tough Heavy Duty Frame Constructed with ¼” thick high tensile steel, Seed Hawk uses triangulation to provide load sharing across the width of the toolbar frame. A Seed Hawk toolbar is built strong enough to be 84 feet wide and tough enough to pull an 800 bushel tank behind it.