Dooley Bros are established as a trailer manufacturer since 1962 and produce a broad range of trailers at their purpose built facility near Kilkenny. Trailers produced are: Agricultural tractor trailers, car, van and 4x4 trailers, rigid truck trailers, articulated lowloader trailers. These trailers are tailored to satisfy the needs of the following business sectors: Agricultural, construction, service, utilities. Dooley Bros. being a small family business have a policy of tailoring products to suit customer’s needs. Their many different ranges consist of many standard models. Some trailers then have various optional extras to tailor to customers needs. In addition we can build a complete bespoke model which may or may not be loosely based on a standard model but will usually use many tried a tested standard components and assemblies.

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Clonard , Ballycallan , Ireland

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Internationally (various countries)

Dooley Brothers Engineering Works Ltd started business in some small farm buildings in 1962. The company derived its name from its founders James Dooley and William Dooley. Trailers quickly became one of the main products but several other pieces of agricultural equipment also featured in the range of products manufactured.

As the company expanded it registered as a limited company in 1971. As the sixties and seventies passed the company had grown in staff numbers and additional production buildings were added. These catered for the increase in demand for the trailers due to their reputation for sturdiness and also for a larger range due to increase in trailer sizes. Extra production machinery had been added during these decades as had a sawmill to cater for the wooden bodied trailers.

In 1979 the company launched a new range of aluminium sided livestock boxes for cars and 4x4 vehicles. This became a very popular range with customers and although this range is discontinued today it led to the development of a wider range of cartrailers. These were further developed into the various “tradesman” ranges produced today.

The 80’s found a more difficult time and Dooley Bros developed a thriving repair and modification business for artic trailers. This experience was to later help the company as it moved into multi axle trailers and even its own artic trailers.

The 90’s again heralded further expansion to the premises with some of the old buildings being demolished to make room for the new fabrication area with overhead crane. The trailers changed significantly during this time with steel bodied trailer becoming the norm. The increase in size also brought tandem axles in greater numbers and new models were introduced to incorporate new features and sizes. Design of the trailers was now carried out by computer in a forerunner to the later AutoCAD and 3D design packages.

Production of dump trailers began in 1992 and was joined by a range of lowloader trailers in 1998. These two ranges were to become amongst the companies most popular as the construction boom of the “Celtic Tiger “ era progressed.

The ’00 years saw further development  with shotblast facilities commissioned in another extension to the fabrication area. CNC pressbrake and profile cutting was added during this decade to improve production and capability. Technology on trailers developed in line with the previous decades with further increases in the size and speed of tractors and trailers. This resulted in the development of more triaxle trailers, air brake systems, optional air suspension, wheel choices, rollover covers, ABS brakes and further hydraulic systems for many functions.

The recession from 2008 onwards has affected business levels but Dooley Bros. have recommenced building truck bodies leaning on their experience in the lowloader and cattle trailer ranges. The company also now has the capacity to look further afield and develop its export markets. The company has survived good and bad years by evolving which mirrors the continuous evolution in their trailer ranges.

In our factory at Ballycallan we use AutoCAD and a 3D drawing package in tandem with our unrivalled experience to design standard and bespoke trailers and components. We then use a combination of CNC and conventional machinery to produce and craft our trailers.