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  • Agri Tractor Trailers

  • Compact Tractor Trailers

    Compact Tractor Trailers

    These small generally unbraked trailers are built to suit small compact or garden tractors. The 2 standard models have 16in (400mm) deep drop sides and a top hinged rear tailboard. They can be fitted with either the standard wheel or optional turf type tyres for golf courses.

  • Grain and Silage Trailers

    Grain and Silage Trailers

    We can also produce them where the top section is removable on all sides of the trailer to effectively give a grain trailer which can be used at 2 different body heights. In addition we can also make any of the above variations removable where the user may want to use the trailer for bales or pallets. We have even produced them with one fixed side and one removable side. There are many wheel variations we can fit to these trailers. Please discuss with...

  • Single Axle Dropside Tipper Trailer

    Single Axle Dropside Tipper Trailer

    Built to suit the demanding daily tasks of the general farmer this type of trailer has been built by us for most of our 50 year history. Updates have kept these models  ahead of the competition. A variety of sizes and wheel options are available. The most common versions are drop side but fixed sides are available also.

  • Cattle/Livestock Trailers

    Cattle/Livestock Trailers

    These high quality livestock trailers are built in single, tandem and triaxle variations to suit from small farmer up to cattle haulier. A range of options are available to tailor the trailer to your needs.

  • Bale/Flat Trailers

    Bale/Flat Trailers

    Standard axle on all models is a 105km/hr commercial axle with 420×180 ‘S’ cam brakes. All models are fitted with 435/50R19.5 low super single wheels as standard but a selection of other wheel types and sizes are available. The single axle models have no suspension. The tandem and triaxle models are standard on spring suspension but are available on air suspension as an optional extra. Floor material is usually 4.5mm steel chequer...