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  • Model 3500 - PowerJack

    Model 3500 - PowerJack

    The Powerjack 3500TM is powered by the SPX 3500 PSI power unit or can be adapted to most onboard hydraulic supply systems. A single Powerjack 3500TM will lift 3500 pounds of hitch weight for light trailers and equipment. The dual Powerjack 3500TM will lift up to 7000 pounds of hitch weight and provide better stability for heavier trailers and equipment.3500_POWERJACK_2. Use the Powerjack 3500TM on light trailers and small Agricultural and Construction...

  • Model 7500LP - PowerJack

    Model 7500LP - PowerJack

    The 7500LPTM is now available in a low pressure unit for the Agriculture and Construction equipment fields. We can now offer our big jack to markets that can use onboard hydraulics to power our units. The 7500LPTM is here to offer serious lifting power and safer storage options for many industries. With locking positions of 20.6” to 31.6” there are many uses for this piece of equipment.