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  • Great Plains - Model 800 - Min Till Drills

    Great Plains - Model 800 - Min Till Drills

    The 800 is a towed seeding implement. This drill has a working width of 7.5 feet (2.3m). The drill has straight arm, double disk 00 Series openers. The opener disks make a seed bed, and seed tubes mounted between the disks place seed in the furrow. Press wheels following the opener disks close the furrow and gauge opener seeding depth. A T-handle on the opener body makes seeding depth adjustments.  The metering system is driven...

  • DELFINO - Model DL - Power Harrow

    DELFINO - Model DL - Power Harrow

    The DELFINO DL power harrow has been designed for small farms and for  tilling soil in specialized cultivations such as market gardening and vi culture. The special a en on given to its overall dimensions and lightness makes it an ideal implement for low HP tractors. The special design of the blades allows the soil to be broken up with considerable economy in tractor power use. Available in 1.5, 1.8 and 2 meter version, with 370mm cage or 450mm...