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  • PHILLIPS - Model 4500 Series - Rotary Harrow

    PHILLIPS - Model 4500 Series - Rotary Harrow

    No. 1 For Good Reason - For The Way We Farm Today! The No-Till Solution... Soils warm faster. Fields dry sooner. Eliminates soil density layers for maximum root growth. This unique, patented, tool has many uses for the progressive farmer. It allows for residue management, lump and ridge leveling, seedbed preparation, and more. The superior staggered tooling design disturbs a higher percentage of soil, leaving an...

  • BLU-JET - Model II Series - Sub Tiller

    BLU-JET - Model II Series - Sub Tiller

    The BLU-JET SubTiller II effectively lifts and fractures the hardpan and wheel compaction caused by heavy equipment. The deep penetrating shanks, 14' to 18', fracture up to 20' on either side of the shank with minimal surface disturbance. Large 20' spring-cushion coulters easily cut through heavy trash. When crop residue is only slightly disturbed, erosion is controlled.

  • Rhino - Heavy Duty Rear Blades

    Rhino - Heavy Duty Rear Blades

    Rhino offers five series and eleven sizes of big blades to handle your demanding jobs! A Rhino blade means Rugged Durability, Superior Craftsmanship, Innovative Design, and Outstanding Performance. Whether you need to dig a ditch, repair a terrace, maintain a road, remove snow, clean a feed lot, or prepare a level surface, there is a Rhino blade right for you.

  • Rhino - Flex-Wing Rotary Cutters

    Rhino - Flex-Wing Rotary Cutters

    With more than 50 years of flex-wing technology and expertise, Rhino Flex-Wing rotary cutters are designed for performance, reliability, and value. Our Flex-Wing products all carry a standard multi-year limited gearbox warranty. To prevent wear and tear on the blade carrier, all Rhino Flex-Wings use square shouldered blade bolts that can't turn in the carrier.

  • Schulte - Model FX-742 Series - Rotary Cutter

    Schulte - Model FX-742 Series - Rotary Cutter

    42’ (12.8m) cutting width makes long days short again. Use 1 cutter where traditionally 2 or 3 cutters were needed. Cover more ground & reduce the number of tractors and fuel costs. Unique 5-plex design flexibility allows for a 118” (3m) transport width.