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  • Drago - Corn Head Deck Plates

    Drago - Corn Head Deck Plates

    Drago's Exclusive Automatic Self-Adjusting Deck Plates make thousands of critical decisions for you every time you cross the field.

  • Drago  - Down Corn Auger

    Drago - Down Corn Auger

    To keep corn down from leaning over the side and losing hanging ears. Advantages compared to the competition are that the auger starts at the point rather than the back bonnet and angle back toward the center of the row. These features allow immediate correction and straight pull down of the stalk into the rolls. It has a simple suspension system that allows the snoot to float across the ground.

  • Drago - Chopper System

    Drago - Chopper System

    Chopper System Designed Around Yield.'It is easy to add a chopping system to a corn head. What is hard is to place it so it does not affect yield, add horsepower, and increase trash.'