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  • Galcon GQ Timer

    Galcon GQ Timer

    These professional series timers offer user friendly dial programming and a wide variety of features including an auxiliary program for automating lighting or water features.

Products by ClearSpan Fabric Structures, Inc.

  • Febric

  • Beef Master Systems

    Beef Master Systems

    This structure is the ideal beef barn. It offers a controlled environment that protects and comforts livestock, leading to maximum profit.

  • Dairy Buildings

    Dairy Buildings

    This is the perfect dairy barn. The ClearSpan Dairy Building provides the utmost functionality and convenience, while also providing cattle with a comfortable environment that they can thrive in all year.

  • Metal

  • Monoslope Building

    Monoslope Building

    Streamline any beef operation with this building that provides supreme protection and comfort to cattle, while also featuring plenty of workspace.