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  • AutoPilot4Feed - Feed and Grain Control System

    AutoPilot4Feed - Feed and Grain Control System

    AutoPilot4Feed is a process control and information system designed specifically to provide automation of feed and grain plants. This includes the intake and transfer of raw materials, blending and mixing of batches, pellet press / extruder control and bulk outloading / packing. Click on a menu option above for more details on each area of plant control.

  • AutoPilot4Flour - Flour Mill Control System

    AutoPilot4Flour - Flour Mill Control System

    AutoPilot4Flour is complete control system designed specifically for flour mills. Due to its scalability it makes an attractive and economical solution for the automatic  control of a flour mill. Its advanced design ensures a reliable, accurate and cost effective solution that is flexible and future proof.

  • AssetMaster - Maintenance Management Software

    AssetMaster - Maintenance Management Software

    Plant wide maintenance tracking to optimise plant up time. AssetMaster provides a method of recording information on all site equipment to be used as an aid to planned / unplanned maintenance.  It also provides a means of storing supplier information and sub-assemblies in stores. If linked to an AutoPilot4Feed control system, equipment run times and other totals such as the number of times a certain item has been started can be updated...

  • Plan4Feed - Visual Production Scheduling

    Plan4Feed - Visual Production Scheduling

    Plan4Feed gives the planner an ability of seeing exactly what the mill will be producing when. Orders are automatically imported (from a variety of methods) so that orders cannot be incorrectly entered, lost or forgotten. The program shows simply what orders will be produced when and colour is used to highlight orders which will be late, which require a die change, which will cause a cross contamination...