Dunlop is the global leader in branded protective footwear recognized for performance in protection and comfort, offering market inspired solutions & being a valuable partner.

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Market Inspired Solutions
The trusted brand that offers our users the highest level of protection and comfort, and we are committed to helping them do a better job. Building on our rich end-user insights and heritage of being ‘The Original’, we remain at the forefront in our selected markets.

Valuable Partner
Together with our business partners, we continue to push innovation and differentiation to new heights. We listen to our partners, customers and employees and are driven to meet their expectations. We will support them in our pursuit of mutual, sustainable and profitable growth.


Years of tradition precede Dunlop boots, originally developed in the 19th century by a Scottish veterinarian named John Boyd Dunlop.

John Boyd had a simple idea that changed the world. While he was watching his son ride around on a tricycle one day, he noticed how uncomfortable his son was riding over stones and uneven terrain. He knew that this was due to the tricycle's hard rubber tires. The solution? He covered the wheels in thin, rubber sheets, glued them together and made them springy by pumping them up with a football pump. And the pneumatic tyre became reality.

In 1888, he applied for a patent for the pneumatic rubber tyre and in 1889 he opened his first tyre factory in Dublin, Ireland. Two years later another factory was opened, in Birmingham, England, and Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd achieved one success after another. The company's development was revolutionary, a feat that Dunlop repeated a brief time later in the automobile industry. Ten years later, Dunlop's invention had almost entirely replaced the solid tyre. In 1927, Dunlop teamed up with Liverpool Rubber Co Ltd and expanded his production with protective footwear. And hence the Dunlop boot was born.