Dural Irrigation

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  • Hunter PGP Ultra - Irrigation Sprinkler

    Hunter PGP Ultra - Irrigation Sprinkler

    The Hunter PGP irrigation sprinkler is easy to install, easy to adjust, guaranteed reliable and the best value money can buy. This gear drive sprinkler is the most popular rotor lawn pop-up sprinkler for both residential and light commercial applications. Installation is easy because of it's compact design and fast hassle-free arc adjustment, 40o-360o wet or dry. A unique “through the top” adjustment mechanism allows...

  • Netafim Techfilter (Trifluralin) - Drip Filters

    Netafim Techfilter (Trifluralin) - Drip Filters

    Techfilter or system protection unit introduces minute traces of trifluralin into the system to prevent root intrusion.The Techfilter incorporates a replaceable filter element embedded with trifluralin and as water passes through this filter it delivers a low concentration evenly to all drippers throughout the system.