Durso Ltd.

Since the beginnining durso SRL has been able to occupy a very important part of the market, in the field of agricultural machines production and commercialization: the company gradually changed its structure over the years, passing from a familiar-enterprise status to that of SNC company and then, in 1998, in SRL company. In order to satisfy an ever-growing demand from the market, the company added the production of various kind of working machines to that of agricultural machines prevalently used in mountainous zones.In the fields of working machine the company tried to conjugate the best comfort to important performances and employement versatility; thus, the company addresses its efforts to niche of market, both national and international, characterized by a need of small dimensions, polyvalency and reliability.

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Industrial Zone - Aquara , Salerno , 84020 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)

Coherently with its mission to supply the customer with solutions, not simple vehicles, the efforts of the company are directed to the continuous improvement of the technical characteristics of its products, with the aim to render them reliable companions of job.
All of this is possible thanks to a first rank technical office, to the use of modern planning softwares and to the remarkable resources invested in R&D.

Distribution is entrusted to sale concessionaires that posses the right technical knowledge to assure the necessary post-sale attendance.
The Durso Company is an important reality in the world of agricultural and working machines production, with his thirty years lasting presence in this complex and fascinating market.  The long tradition and the acquired experience make it one of the most noticeable presence on the national territory. Even today the familiar-enterprise aspect remains still, an aspect that always characterized the society together with the passion for everything that's mechanical and the strong will to realize a warm-feeling company; all of this allows us to construct, with passion, your technology.