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  • E-Kay - Modular Auger

    E-Kay - Modular Auger

    The Modular Auger features a strong reliable design. It will out last other augers many times over. Will meet your load out auger needs for years to come. Extra heavy tube and flighting with 3/8' thick starter flighting. Start and stop auger from inside or outside of bin. Slim fit bottom end will fit where an 8' auger will Quick removable intake guard. Long bottom end to reach into your big bins.

  • E-Kay - Hydra Slider

    E-Kay - Hydra Slider

    Drive your Semi across the end of the HYDRA-SLIDER, run the Pencil Auger out under the trailer, and unload one hopper then the other. Three bolts remove the hopper & wheels to unload bins, piles or rings. The pencil dumps anywhere along the main auger trough.

  • E-Kay - Belt Tightener

    E-Kay - Belt Tightener

    When belts are tight the spring loaded Belt Tightener keeps belts snug without over tightening, reducing stress on belts. Belt guard keeps belts away from engine pulleys. Belt trays keep belts from sagging when loose. Belts can be tightened with auger full and engine at full speed. Heavy duty belt drive available.

  • E-Kay - Hydra Sweep

    E-Kay - Hydra Sweep

    Sweep your bins clean while you watch from outside. We currently manufacture three different sizes of Bin Sweeps.