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  • Electronic Knife Gate

    Electronic Knife Gate

    E&R-Sales now proudly offers our own electronically actuated knife gate. This knife gate meets the following parameters: Metal Seat Standard Easy Installation Standard 3 Position Switch Auto On/Ott Functionality Limit Switches Standard Terminai Strip Connectors Strobe Light Compatible F.O.B. Peoria, IL.

  • Model AL-2 Agro - Biogas Deflaker

    Model AL-2 Agro - Biogas Deflaker

    AL -2 is the manufactuer of the AL-2 Agro Deflaker. ER-Sales is proud to be a USA distributor for this product and all of AL-2's product line. AL-2 Agro A/S has start 'factory sale' of liquid slurry separation. Marketing and sales of the familiar AL-2 Slurry/Manure Separators become in the future handled by the company behind the separation plants. AL-2 Agro A/S was founded in autumn 2008 with the aim to focus on the agricultural products produced by...