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  • Model D90 - Headgate

    Model D90 - Headgate

    Heavy duty self-locking headgate Quick adjust neck space New easy release mechanism Shock absorber headgate - reduces shoulder bruising Automatic reset Walk-through exit Shipping weight: 255 lbs. Standard on all CattleMaster Chutes.

  • Model D90B  - Cattle Chute

    Model D90B - Cattle Chute

    88” x 32” inside dimensions. Both side panels open. Access door to neck area. Width adjustable. Weight: 960 lbs.

  • Model CMWC  - Weigh Chute

    Model CMWC - Weigh Chute

    5000 lb. electronic scale. Sturdy Cage. Vertical Slide Door Entrance. Hinged swing door exit. Available with cross slide doors and / or undercarriage.