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  • Weed management for developing countries. Addendum 1 (En)

    Weed management for developing countries. Addendum 1 (En)

    Series: FAO Plant Production and Protection PapersIn 1994 FAO published " Weed management for developing countries" , to make available the most relevant information on weed management. As there have been several new developments on weed management, FAO has updated the available information in this new publication on improved weed management. Weed management does not consist solely in the use of herbicides: other methods exist. The pape

  • Goose production (En)

    Goose production (En)

    Series: FAO Animal Production and Health PapersThis publication is a guide to sustainable domestic goose production. Geese have a number of inherent advantages: they can consume and digest large amounts of high fibre and low-quality feed; they are easy to manage; and their rapid growth renders them one of the most efficient sources for meat production. In addition, feathers/down and fatty liver are valuable by-products, while their stro