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  • Vital Forest Graphics 2009

    Vital Forest Graphics 2009

    Forests are not only important for the 1.6 billion people who depend on them for their livelihoods, but for the world’s population at large. Forests play a critical role in the Earth’s life support system, including global carbon and hydrological cycles. To help communicate the value of forests to policy-makers and the wider public, three United Nations organizations/entities UNEP, FAO and UNFF joined efforts to analyse, synthesize

  • Forests and energy. Key issues (En)

    Forests and energy. Key issues (En)

    Forest and energy are at the centre of the global debate on climate change. Soaring energy consumption and prices, and increasing greenhouse gas emission, represent a major opportunity and challenge for the forestry sector to find a new role in energy supply, climate change and sustainable development. This publication will be useful to both specialized and general audiences interested in learning more about the role of forests in energy ...