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  • Farm ponds for water, fish and livelihoods

    Farm ponds for water, fish and livelihoods

    Ponds add value to farming activities: water form ponds can serve domestic and livestock water supplies as well as irrigation for crops. Raising fish is an obvious use for a farm pound; it adds value to the water, and provides improved nutrition for farm families. This booklet provides basic and practical information on multiple-use smallholder farm pounds. [NOTE: The main target audience for the FAO Diversification booklets are people and ...

  • PLA Notes 22

    PLA Notes 22

    1. Sharing our Concerns and Looking to the Future. ~2. Handle with Care! Rapid Studies and the Poor - Clas Lindberg, Vesa-Matti Loiske, Wilhelm Ă–stberg and Claude Mung'ong'o. ~3. PRA and Raised Expectations: Potentials and Pitfalls - Richard Edwards. ~4. The Grandfather Graph - Nurul Islam Nazem and Pete Atkins. ~5. Social Maps and Geographical Transects - some recent experiences in Orissa, India - Prahlad Mishra and Gayatree Mohanty. ~6. Women ...