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  • Poultry for profit and pleasure (En)

    Poultry for profit and pleasure (En)

    Series: FAO Diversification bookletsPoultry are the most benign farm stock; easy to manage, resilient and relatively productive under the most varied conditions. Anyone with a small patch of land can keep poultry for their eggs and meat, and for breeding. There are few greater pleasures than keeping a flock of hens and feeding them from the produce of the garden or surplus food from the house. The more commercially-minded producer will

  • Pelican Man - A Video Documentary

    Pelican Man - A Video Documentary

    Spotbilled pelicans have been coming to breed in the village of Kokkare Bellur in Southern India for hundreds of years. However, numbers are falling drastically all over South Asia and the bird is now a candidate for the endangered species list. This 60 minute documentary explores the reasons for this decline and charts the ups and downs in a remarkable partnership between a dedicated environmentalist and the local community as they attempt to ...