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  • Hozelock Watering & Spraying

    Hozelock are one of the largest suppliers of gardening products in the UK. With a head office now based in Birmingham, Hozelock was founded in 1959 and more than 50 years of experience provides them with a wealth of experience and an inside out knowledge of the business, which in return provides customers with a firm foundation on which to build a relationship of trust with the products.

  • Hozelock - Model 2485 - Mini Auto Reel Hose System

    Hozelock - Model 2485 - Mini Auto Reel Hose System

    This Auto Reel from Hozelock makes watering the garden a breeze with no kinks, tangles or effort. Pull the hose out when you want to water, and when you\'re finished let the hose retract itself. The auto reel smoothly and easily unwinds the hose and you can stop at any point and water with ease because the reels mechanism locks so that you don\'t have to hold the hose taught. To unwind more hose, simply pull out more. To retract the hose back into the...

  • Hozelock - Model 2415 - 2n1 Compact Enclosed Reel

    Hozelock - Model 2415 - 2n1 Compact Enclosed Reel

    This fully enclosed hose reel from Hozelock is designed to be used free-standing or wall mounted, giving users the flexibility that is sometimes required. The 25 length of hose supplied with this reel is perfect for medium sized gardens and is strong enough to last the rigours of any gardener. Rewinding the hose is easy with the use of a strong yet lightweight handle.

  • Automatic Watering

    Here at Easy Watering, we provide an expansive selection of automatic watering equipment to make irrigating your garden simple and efficient. No matter the size of your garden or greenhouse, we will have the perfect automatic watering system to suit your needs and all of our products are from top brands such as Hozelock, Claber and Rain Bird.

  • Hozelock - Model 2701 AC Pro - Aqua Control

    Hozelock - Model 2701 AC Pro - Aqua Control

    The most versatile and easy-to-operate electronic water timer with large interactive LCD screen using the same familiar menu configuration found on most mobile telephones.

Products by Amiad Filtration Systems Ltd.

  • Irrigation System- Automatic Filters

  • EBS  - Model 10000 - Irrigation Irrigation Filters

    EBS - Model 10000 - Irrigation Irrigation Filters

    The Amiad EBS Series are automatic filters, with an electric self-cleaning mechanism. The 'EBS' filters range in flow-rates of up to 7200 m³/h (32000 US gpm), with screens designed ranging from 800-10 micron filtration degree. Inlet/Outlet flanges are available from 8'-36' diameter.

  • Irrigation System- Semi Automatic Filters

  • Plastic Filters

    Plastic Filters

    The Scanaway assembly consists of a suction-scanner, a hollow pipe with suction nozzles, that is facing the inner side of the screen.Outside the filter a handle is connected to the “suction” scanner, allowing turning the scanner in a spiral movement so it rotates inside the screen surface without touching the screen mesh. Opening the exhaust valve at the filter lid creates low pressure conditions in the suction scanner, which cause...

  • Amiad Irrigation System- Manual Filters

  • Amiad  - Model ¾ - Plastic Filters

    Amiad - Model ¾ - Plastic Filters

    With our various filter elements Amiad all purpose plastic filters are made for wide range of filtering applications and filtration degrees and are easy to install and maintain. They are constructed from high quality engineering-plastic materials for providing excellent mechanical strength, durability and in some of the models even corrosion and chemical resistance. Amiad plastic filters need no tools for dismantling or for extracting the filter...

  • Amiad - Model ¾ - Tagline Filters

    Amiad - Model ¾ - Tagline Filters

    Easy maintenance: No tools required for extracting the elements from the filter housing for rinsing. High quality, excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. Low pressure loss. Interchangeable filter elements for wide range of flow rates, various filtration degrees, and irrigation applications. Screen cylinders or Disc elements