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Ecolawn Applicator is leading in the manufacturering of broadcast, self-propelled compost spreaders / topdressers, and setting the standard for the turf industry professionals. The Ecolawn compost spreader is the number 1 choice among landscapers, and gaining ground with golf course superintendents, and sports fields professionals. Whether topdressing sand or compost to maintain or restore a lawn, or applying infield mixes, top soil, calcite clay, crumble rubber, or treating walks and drives with icemelt and rock salt the Ecolawn Applicator does it all with ease.

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960 Leon-Trepanier , Sherbrooke , Quebec J1G 5J6 Canada

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Necessity is the mother of invention…

The Ecolawn Company was founded in 1994 by Daniel Cote, a professional landscaper. After many years of searching for the perfect top dresser, Daniel decided to design one for himself – a product that would suit the needs and requirements of professional landscapers and be suitable for various lawn care applications. The first model, the ECO 100 Self-Propelled Top Dresser & Compost Spreader, has been widely successful, selling over one thousand units in more than 25 countries around the world.

Ecolawn is always improving its products and searching for better ways to respond to our customers’ needs.

The Ecolawn values quality. Our goal is to build quality products, with quality components, by quality employees, and to provide quality service to our quality customers.

We, at Ecolawn, are very passionate about family. We not only consider our own team a family, but we also consider our distributors and suppliers a part of our family as well. We strive to build a strong family relationship among those we do business with, so that we can provide them with a solid system of support, honesty ans trust.

We believe in staying true to those values that remain at the heart of Ecolawn. Our goal, daily, is to continue to be as innovative, passionate and determined as we were ehen the company was just getting started.