Ecological Farmers of Ontario has been committed to ecological and organic farming since 1979. We’re run by farmers, for farmers. We’re non-competitive. We focus on helping each other make a better living growing real food while improving our soils, crops, livestock and the environment. We’re passionate about what we do. EFO puts you face-to-face with other farmers. We support regional committees and access to advice on specific questions. We organize local farm tours and workshops, kitchen table meetings, conferences and courses on ecological farming practices...and we host some amazing potluck meals. You may be deluged with information on ecological farming. Or you may see very little. Either way, it can be hard to decide what’s relevant and reliable.

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5420 Hwy 6 N RR5 , Guelph , Ontario N1H 6J2 Canada

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Nationally (across the country)

Our Mission:

To develop and provide programs promoting the practice and advancement of ecological agriculture which maintains and enhances the health of the soil, water, crops, livestock and the diversity of the environment.
To educate and increase the public’s understanding of ecological agricultural methods like soil tillage, green manures, cover crops, composting, crop rotations, soil erosion control, and conservation practices by offering courses, seminars, conferences, farm tours, meetings, and publishing a newsletter and by collecting, researching, and disseminating information on this topic to the general public.

Our Vision:

We believe a vibrant, ever-growing community of farmers in Ontario, soundly practicing organic methods, is the best way to ensure the health of our agricultural lands, the integrity of broader ecosystems, and to nurture both rural and urban communities, both now and into the future. We envision an agricultural landscape where farmers, from an introductory through to an advanced level, are well supported in their diverse and diverging educational needs, and are given continuing opportunities to gain and share the skills and knowledge essential to good land stewardship.
Through our programs and services, we are striving to provide practical, responsive, and ongoing training for farmers in ecological farming practice, and to build positive and encouraging community, and sense of support.