ecoSolv Technologies, LLC

ecoSolv Technologies, LLC

ecoSolv Technologies LLC manufactures and distributes a line of advanced biobased technologies that provide many benefits for plant health & surface protection. Our goal is to provide technologies that reduce the use of harsh chemicals that negatively affect humans, animals and the environment. Water conservation is also high on our priority list. Our star product is ecoAgra, an inexpensive and easy to apply colloidal micelle technology that offers a myriad of benefits to crops and other plants, such as flowers, trees, grass and shrubs. It is formulated entirely from plant extracts, and since it increases crop yield, the technology is truly sustainable. ecoAgra is USDA Biobased Certified.

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1312-D Bunker Ridge Arch , Chesapeake , Virginia 23320 USA
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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ecoSolv Technologies LLC Born out of a concern for the environment. Our motivation is to provide conservation strategies that also improve operational efficiency. Doing a better job, in less time, with reduced cost, is our focus and our mantra. Accordingly, we have compiled several natural and advanced technologies that help us accomplish this goal.

Human life depends on two main resources, food and water. These are the focal points of our business. Our ecoAgra technology is an inexpensive and natural way to improve the health and yield of plants, while our ecoClean surface treatment program reduces the use of water, while providing superior care and protection of virtually any surface or material.