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1934 Leopold Einböck laid foundation stone for family business. He founded a blacksmith shop and started production of agricultural machines in the fifties. In the post war years the first machines were cultivators, potato-setting machine and harrows post war years. His son Leopold Einböck took over the factory in 1959, enlarged production of machines, increased premises and raised the number of employees. In meantime the company is well-known in Europe and made himself known for the tined weeder AEROSTAR. The managing director Leopold, now in third generation, led the enterprise to a world-wide active company. With over 80% export share the success strategy is based on technical modernization and an innovative product range. Today the premises cover 2000 m². In addition as supplier for industrial enterprises, now Einböck produces agricultural machinery soil preparation and grassland care.

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Schatzdorf 7 , Dorf an der Pram , 4751 Austria

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)


Modern agriculture is inspired by innovative spirit and creativity! The economic pressure in the agricultural sector is increasing and the concentration process is rapid - these are reasons why we draw our attention to improve the effectiveness and competitiveness of our customers. We strengthen our customers' sustainability by modern manufacturing facilities, high product quality and technical innovation. What makes us strong together is the success out on the field where our soil preparing machines lay the foundation stone for a rich harvest!


Einböck reacts with FARM POWER to structural changes in agriculture with innovative dynamic! As effect of long-term experience we support farmers obtaining a better competitive position. We create incentives to cultivate ecologically and to improve natural productivity of our soil.
With conserved tillage with mulch and direct sowing, economical minimum tillage and a successful management of grassland and straw you will be on the right way. We want to be trend-setting and show new approaches. Together with our customers we want to use technological innovation - for a favourable production based on economic sustainability!

Management Modern family business with tradition

Honesty, reliability and sustainability have been the guiding themes since the establishment of the company Einböck in 1934. Since that time these themes are exemplified by the family business in the third generation. Leopold Einböck who is a certified locksmith is the director of the company since 1987 and he puts his heart and soul into his company!
Together with Birgit Einböck he led a small traditional factory to an international operating business with more than 100 employees.

Simply somewhat more personally
Einböck Leopold Sr. set a good example, now Einböck Leopold Jr. simply describes the key success factors: 'Like my father I also try to improve product quality cosntsantly. We permanently invest in our manufacturing process and work on the technical development of our machines. We have motivated employees who relate to our family business and who together with us have pleasure on tradition.'

Distribution worldwide

Whether grass-land cultivation, seedbed-preparation or minimum tillage ? 80% of produced machines go abroad. From North- to South- till Western Europe, above all, the East mainly counts to the booming markets of Einböck. But also beyond borders of Europe ? the global expansion is based on the principle that success is significantly given of satisfied customers! That?s why we stick on innovative way of tillage and offer committed farmers in Europe and in the whole world soil cultivation devices with modern technology for economical advance.