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  • EL-GRA - Model 89 Series - Percussion Driver

    EL-GRA - Model 89 Series - Percussion Driver

    As stated in the WorkCover and WorkSafe 2009 Legislation - All post drivers with a free falling hammer MUST be fitted with a safety screen/guards, the hammer must be fully enclosed 300mm below the lowest point of the hammer stop and 2.4m to the top of the screen from the ground. If the guard is opened the drop speed of the hammer must be restricted to a maximum 100mm/second. If the guard is removed the hammer must remain inoperable.

  • Cement Mixers

    Cement Mixers

    Are you looking for a concrete mixer that can deliver consistent results and is easy-to-use?  Then look no further.  You can find the right concrete mixer for your needs!  Just hook it up to your tractor and you're ready to go.  Have a job on the other side of the property?  Then don't worry about figuring out power lines or lugging a cumbersome old mixer - use this portable and clever mixer to take care of your needs.