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  • PiMapping - Pixel Intelligence Mapping Technology

    PiMapping - Pixel Intelligence Mapping Technology

    By offering quantified data in near real-time, PiMapping distinguishes itself from competing technologies. Alternative crop monitoring solutions are often based on the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). Although fitting for some applications, NDVI merely indicates the general health status of the plant. Only when correlated with agronomical data sets NDVI can represent an absolute value. The strength of our PiMapping data is that it is...

  • Agriculture

  • Irrigation Planner

    Irrigation Planner

    eLEAF’s irrigation planner helps farmers to irrigate at the right volume, at the right time and at the right location. Our satellite based PiMapping® technology determines the extent of crop water need in real-time and automatically notifies you when irrigation is necessary to avoid crop damage. Taking the weather forecast and the actual irrigated volumes applied into account, irrigation advice is provided for the coming 5 days. No soil...

  • Yield Forecast

    Yield Forecast

    eLEAF’s yield forecasts determine the expected yield at your planned harvest date. It uses up to date satellite based crop production information and crop specific yield models to provide further information on future outcomes. This can be done per field or for large monocropped areas. eLEAF’s yield projection information helps farmers to estimate income, supports food producers to streamline their...