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  • Murrelektronik - Control Cabinets

    Murrelektronik - Control Cabinets

    Murrelektronik implements ideas for electronic control cabinet and control systemswith high technical complexity. We provide you with made-to-measure solutions for a variety of tasks and applications, and you will find a comprehensive range of control cabinet products in the fields of power supply, interference suppression and processing.

  • Interface


    Interfaces from the control cabinet to the fieldare an important part of every flexible application. We provide you with solutions for your individual requirements with our comprehensive range of cabinet entry for you to connect to your controller inside the system. Front-panel interfaces make it easy to connect without even having to open the doors. More than 4000 possible insertion combinations provide maximum flexibility.

  • Passive Distribution Systems

    Passive Distribution Systems

    Passive distribution systems from Murrelektronikprovide solutions for complex fault-prone wiring in the field terminal boxes. Our distributors with plastic or metal housings are universally installable. All passive distributors are pretested. Continuously plugged and preterminated cables make the wiring of sensors and actuators quick and easy. Distributors from Murrelektronik help you to significantly reduce your installation and maintenance costs.