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  • Model MS2 - Soil Moisture Sensor

    Model MS2 - Soil Moisture Sensor

    For over 80 years Plant scientists have used soil moisture measurements as an effective method of determining irrigation. The automatic control of moisture measurement allows the accurate replenishment of water taken up by the growing medium. The ETS MS2 sensor and the ETS MCMK1 soil moisture controller has the following...

  • Model ETS - Multi Wire Irrigation Controllers

    Model ETS - Multi Wire Irrigation Controllers

    The fourth generation of ETS multi-wire controllers are available in a range of sizes, to operate 16, 32, or 48 stations. The models incorporate options which can be set up to suit your individual requirements.

  • EvapoIrrigator++ - Model MK1.4 - Controller

    EvapoIrrigator++ - Model MK1.4 - Controller

    The EvapoIrrigator+ MK1.4 is an exciting addition to the E&TS Ltd range of irrigation control equipment. It offers growers automatic adjustment of irrigation frequency according to weather conditions. Incorporating all the control features and attributes of the MK1.1 EvapoIrrigator it gives the grower flexibility in choosing when to water. The EII MK1.4 EvapoIrrigator++ extends the...