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  • Model 10-20-45 Series - Conveyors

    Model 10-20-45 Series - Conveyors

    We offer high-capacity and reliable products for our customers. For loading trucks on the farm, or at the seed plant, or filling the air seeder cart in the field. You can save time and money with the standard 10-20-45. This conveyor is a big seller and our customers are always amazed by something about them. Sometimes the simplicity, or the capacity, or just the easy way of moving them them around the yard. If you would like to demo our...

  • Transfer Conveyors

    Transfer Conveyors

    Our high capacity transfer conveyors are available in many different sizes and configurations. Choices include: Stand-alone conveyor, 12’ standard length, used for unloading hopper-bottom trailers. Comes with cable winch hopper height control, and powered by your choice of 5 hp. Gasoline or Electric motor; For custom length transfer conveyors call or email for details and options. Short Transfer Conveyors Standard in 20' belts. low profile...

  • Under Bin Conveyors

    Under Bin Conveyors

    Elias reliaBELT is your source for gentle, fast, and reliable under-bin, conveyors.  reilaBELT under bin conveyors have been redesigned to be cleaner a running conveyor, and lower profile, to fit more applications. With 13' belt giving you 4000 bushels an hour capacity perfect for seed treating, corn dryers, or many custom uses. We can custom build and install conveyors for most all of your under-bin conveyor needs

  • Stainless Steel Conveyors

    Stainless Steel Conveyors

    Elias reliaBELT offers conveyors in high quality Stainless Steel for all your stainless steel conveyor needs give Elias reliaBELT a call today. Many options available in Stainless Steel or high quality powder coating.