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  • Electronic Speciality

  • Model CMV2000 - Automatic Unit

    Model CMV2000 - Automatic Unit

    CMV2000: Automatic unit of green corn plants (mash). Automatically calculates the quantities as needed daily. Management of 4 timetables and 4 recipes.

  • Model 1000/2000 - Ultrasound  Kit

    Model 1000/2000 - Ultrasound Kit

    Ultrasound to make diagnosis of pregnancy. Ability to use up to 2 hours continuous ultrasound, image storage and eventual printing.

  • AWNZ  - Model 1000/3000 - Computerized Feeding System

    AWNZ - Model 1000/3000 - Computerized Feeding System

    The computerized feeding system AWNZ (Advanced Web-oriented Nutri Zoo) guarantees complete control of the feeding process, offering superior reliability and security, combined with different personalization and the possibility of remote monitoring with ADSL or mobile devices. It’s possible to have an access to the statistical data of different AWNZ from a single point of control, creating a real supervision center. Moreover, currently only for...

  • Power Panels

    Power Panels

    Realization of electrical pictures of average power with or without PLC , up to frameworks for the management of animal feed , complete with diagrams and Declarations