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  • Model 5000-002 - Stalk Roller

    Model 5000-002 - Stalk Roller

    8 Row kit for Deere 843/893. Rollers push over stubble. Prevents damage to tires, wires, tracks, and hydraulic hoses. Spring loaded solid steel construction. Will not interfere with most header cart trailers. Quick and easy to install with mounting kits for most corn head models.

  • Model 9100 Series - Rigid Frame Planter

    Model 9100 Series - Rigid Frame Planter

    Many operators are looking for a cost-effective planter that can capably handle the wide variety of planting conditions encountered on their operation. The model 9100 planter is engineered to accept a full complement of liquid or dry fertilizer attachments as well as row-unit-mounted or frame mounted tillage attachments that make it the ideal match for conventional, reduced tillage, and no-till planting applications. The 6-row or 8-row 9100 Series...