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  • Lilliston Gangs Cultivator

    Lilliston Gangs Cultivator

    Lilliston Gang - available in Disc Gangs of Spider Gangs from a 3 gang up to 5 gang configuration. Spiders in gangs all durafaced.

  • Model 1001B - Earthway Precision Seeder

    Model 1001B - Earthway Precision Seeder

    This precision garden seeder opens the soil, plants and spaces seeds, covers the seed, packs the soil and marks the next row all in one pass. Simply install the precison seed plate that best suits the seed you wish to plant, adjust the depth of planting on the ground opener and set your 30' row marker for the desired width, then fill the hopper with seeds then begin pushing it along your well tilled soil. The results will speak for themselves!...

  • Lay-By Spray Rig

    Lay-By Spray Rig

    The Ellis Lay-By Spray Rig features dolphin nosed hoods which are streamlined for canopy crops, the  layby application means the spray exits the shield via the bottom directly at the base of the crop. Specifically designed for spraying roundup at the base of the crop onto round up ready cotton. Hydraulic folding or rigid toolbars available.