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  • Milking Parlours

  • Hanging Herringbone Milking Parlour

    Hanging Herringbone Milking Parlour

    This is the most traditional model. It is built from 2x3 to 2x12 and with the robustness given by the 2' tube. The hanging version by floating support and beam gives the advantage of avoiding any obstacles between worker and cow, thus reaching more comfort and quickness preparing udder. Its design and robustness allows a perfect fluidity and placement of cattle. It is available in two varieties: normal or with pneumatic doors. This model is strongly...

  • Pipeline Milking

  • Pipeline Milking

    Pipeline Milking

    pipeline milking installations are ideal to reach a higher level of hygiene of the milk and suitable for small and medium dairy farms.

  • Bucket Milking

  • Bucket Milking

    Bucket Milking

    The bucket milking installations are ideal for small dairy farms in those latitudes where is running this practical, simple and economic way of milking.

  • Portable Milkling Machines

  • MELKER - Model 2 buckets - Inox Portable Milking Machine

    MELKER - Model 2 buckets - Inox Portable Milking Machine

    The Melker inox portable milking machine, with its 220 l/m, is designed all in stainless steel and it is user friendly. This portable milking machine performs a comfortable milking to both the animal and the milker. All its components are of the highest quality, built with the best materials and designed to last a long life. This milking machine is supplied with two buckets of 25 litres.

  • Final Units