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  • Elmer - Bean Cutter

    Elmer - Bean Cutter

    Front mount quick hitch. Proven no-maintenance nylon bushings eliminate greasing. Smaller tractors can be equipped with front and rear mount combinations for large cutters. Optional lift assist wheels for front mount cutters. Available in various sizes and widths. Down pressure springs on each knife allow each row to be adjusted individually. Staggered high-clearance knife arms are mounted on a 7×7 tool bar for superior flow of heavy crops....

  • Elmer - Row Crop Cultivator

    Elmer - Row Crop Cultivator

    Elmers Row Crop Cultivator is the best solution to maximize the growth in the early stages of your row crop. The unique rolling shield design protects the plants while making it virtually impossible to plug.

  • Elmer - Model GS2/GS3 - Display Bracket

    Elmer - Model GS2/GS3 - Display Bracket

    You’ll love the easy of use of the Elmers Gs2/Gs3 Bracket. With being very easy to install and can conveniently flip up out of view when not needed its a must have!

  • Elmer - Header Transports

    Elmer - Header Transports

    Elmers Header Transports have a simple, heavy duty design with operator friendly features and high speed capabilities.

  • Elmer - Crop Master Header

    Elmer - Crop Master Header

    The Crop Master is a great addition to any harvest as the 9 bar pick-up is designed to minimize shatter in crops such as canola and edible beans. In uneven terrain, the torsion flex system follows the ground to pick up all the crop. The Crop Master has adapters available to fit most combine makes and models.

  • Elmer - Swather Transport Header

    Elmer - Swather Transport Header

    4″ x 8″ x 1/4″ Main Frame. 8 Bolt Hubs; 16″ Highway Speed-Rated Tires. Clevis Hitch with Safety Chain. Screw Jack. Minimal Weight on Truck. Accommodates up to 36′ Swather. Maximum Swather Weight – 12,500lbs. Drive over design with fold up ramps on either side. Standard Color – Black

  • Elmer - Model SUPER 7 - Harrow

    Elmer - Model SUPER 7 - Harrow

    Elmer's exclusive 7 bar configuration combined with ½' x 22' tines provides a fine field finish while accomplishing 40% more harrowing per pass. This makes the Elmer's Super 7 today's most versatile harrow allowing you to tackle any of your field conditions.