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  • Agricultural Water Management

    Agricultural Water Management

    The journal is concerned with the publication of scientific papers of international significance to the management of agricultural water. The scope includes such diverse aspects as irrigation and drainage of cultivated areas, collection and storage of precipitation water in relation to soil properties and vegetation cover, the role of ground and surface water in nutrient cycling, water balance problems, exploitation and protection of water ...

  • Applied Geochemistry

    Applied Geochemistry

    Applied Geochemistry is an international journal devoted to publication of original research papers, rapid research communications and selected review papers in geochemistry and cosmochemistry which have some practical application to an aspect of human endeavour, such as the preservation of the environment, environmental monitoring, agriculture, health, waste disposal and the search for resources. Papers on applications of inorganic, organic and ...

  • Journal of Arid Environments

    Journal of Arid Environments

    The Journal of Arid Environments is a monthly international journal publishing original scientific and technical research articles and reviews on climate, geomorphology, geology, geography, botany, zoology, anthropology, sociology, and technical development in arid, semi-arid, and desert environments.