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Energreen produces professional machines that are characterized by great performances, technological innovation, versatility and comfort. They are designed and built completely within the new Energreen factories, equipped with modern laser-cutting plants and welding robots. Finally, to ensure high quality possible, we run extensive tests on all our products. During the projecting stage, great importance is given to pleasure and safety at work, in order to put the operator in a comfortable and safe position. All this has contributed to register several international patents, making these machines unique within their type. We export in 15 countries in the World

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Via Pietre, 73 , Cagnano di Pojana Maggiore , Vicenza 36026 Italy

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Energreen offers a range of technologically advanced machines, that satisfy the modern requirements of security and performance required by the market. The completeness of the range and the variety of accessories offer to user any solution for any type of work. The range of self-propelled hydrostatic machines, which includes 5 models, makes easier the work of professionals and public authorities responsible for the maintenance of roads and channels. Thanks to the remote controlled machines Energreen wanted to invest and analyze in the concept of driving machines at distance, which represent a new frontier of work. The safety of the operator is put first; this allows the operator to work where previously it was impossible to operate with traditional machines. In order to meet the user’s needs, Energreen produces a range of 5 remote-controlled machines and offers a wide choice of accessories that can be fitted on them.

Energreen machinery includes 4 divisions: Robo, ILF Self-propelled machines, Winter Division and Professional Equipment. The range of machines includes 5 models of “Robo” remote-controlled equipment carrier machines for slopes, 5 models of “ILF” Hydrostatic Self-propelled machines, equipped with a telescopic arm up to 17 m, both designed to work in the field of green maintenance along roads, forests, rivers, embankments, canals, etc.

Moreover, we produce several Professional Equipment and a complete range of tools for winter traffic Winter Division to complete our machines.