Energy Storage Association

As the national trade association in the U.S., the Energy Storage Association (ESA) is the leading voice for companies that develop and deploy the multitude of energy storage technologies that we rely on every day. Our member companies research, manufacture, distribute, finance, and build energy storage projects domestically and abroad. Over 20 years ago - when few policy makers knew that electrons could be `warehoused` on an industrial scale - eight pioneering U.S. power utilities dispatched their executives to Washington to form what they called the Utility Battery Group. Their goal was to promote the development and use of energy storage systems in the United States. Today, this alliance is known world-wide as the Energy Storage Association. And it has grown to serve the interests of all kinds of storage solutions - from pumped hydro to compressed air, to thermal storage, to advanced battery and flywheel systems.

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The ESA is comprised of over 120 private companies, non-profit organizations, and individual experts working together to educate the public and inform regulators and legislators about the importance of energy storage technologies.

Our collective efforts help to create new, competitive markets and a fair regulatory environment that reflects the value provided by energy storage to millions of residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Our Mission

To promote the adoption of competitive and reliable energy storage systems for electric service.

Our Vision

The Energy Storage Association is a powerful voice and indispensable resource for the entire global industry. We believe that energy storage is integral to all systems planning and deployment, and all stakeholders in energy storage are active, collaborating members of the ESA.

We work to make electricity smarter, more efficient, and better. Drawing on decades of research and development, our members are storing energy today for its best use tomorrow. Energy storage is entirely resource neutral - and allows us to integrate electricity from any source into a more resilient and reliable grid, creating jobs, lowering energy bills, and helping to secure our energy future.

One day, energy storage will be as commonplace as any other infrastructure investment. Join us today in making it happen.