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  • Water Technologies - Components for Agricultural Engineering

    Ever more stringent environmental requirements and constantly increasing competition in agriculture are demanding innovative solutions. To deal with this more effectively, we have devised an innovative range of products for agricultural technology in association with installation constructors, farmers, research institutes and public authorities.

  • 2H HUMIPACKING - Plastic Components for Evaporative Coolers

    2H HUMIPACKING - Plastic Components for Evaporative Coolers

    Evaporative cooling presents a proven procedure to cool chicken, hog or green houses, especially in warm regions of the world. For this purpose, 2H HUMIPACKING® fills are mounted into the walls of stables and green houses and are irrigated. An air flow generated by fans is lead through the fills and is at the same time humidified and cooled. The use of polypropylene together with the special geometry creates rugged elements that are imperishable,...

  • ENEXIO - 2H Blackout Blinds (Light Traps) for Livestock Breeding

    ENEXIO - 2H Blackout Blinds (Light Traps) for Livestock Breeding

    In livestock breeding it is often necessary not to let any light from outside get into the stables. This allows special night and day rhythms and artificial lighting to be effectively used. The answer here is for light traps to be inserted in front of the air admission dampers or fans. We have devised the special TAP 160 profile and associated holder for this particular application.

  • 2H AGRIdek - Dedust Packings

    2H AGRIdek - Dedust Packings

    Dust and dirt entering the air scrubber pose a problem for pig and poultry farming. Too much dust reduces the scrubber performance, the ventilation power decreases and operation and maintenance cost increase. 2H AGRIdek dedust packings considerably reduce the pollution. Placed between the stable building and the air scrubber, they separate dust, skin particles and feathers from the stable exhaust air. The packings are made of UV-resistant...