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  • Greenhouses

    With consistent high quality products and unparalleled responsive service, Erie Structures are equipped to provide you with state-of-the-art greenhouse solutions no matter where you are located. What's more, our design team is ready to assist you with advice or assistance. Plus, we can introduce you to other sub-trade specialists with whom we cooperate on many other projects.

  • Poly Covered Greenhouses

    Poly Covered Greenhouses

    Stub posts and posts: Highest quality steel tubing, Hot dipped galvanized after manufacturing, Available heights are from 8' to 16'. Gutters: Formed from 11 gauge steel, Hot dipped galvanized after manufacturing, 54' Wide Service Building. Trusses: Welded construction, Hot dipped galvanized after manufacturing.

  • Freestanding Greenhouses

    Freestanding Greenhouses

    The ground-to-ground greenhouses are our biggest selling greenhouse due, in part, to their strength and distintive design.

  • Peaked Clear Span Greenhouses

    Peaked Clear Span Greenhouses

    Features: All metal structure. Continuous vents on both sides. Standard 10' - 6' gutter heights. 2' x 4' galvanized posts. Aluminum glazing bars.

  • Greenhouse Benches

    Greenhouse Benches

    1 1/2' x 16 gauge steel bench stands on 8' centers. Hot dip galvanized. 1' sq. x 14 gauge level adjustment tubes. 1/2' adjustment rods for 3' variable. Standard height: 30' at bench rail. Foot plates are welded to bench stands. 14 gauge Galvalume roll formed bench crossers at 22' centers. Extruded aluminum bench side rail. 3/4' 13 gauge expanded metal tops. 2' diameter x 14 gauge galvanized stabilizer pipes with swedged ends. All corner sections are...

  • Quality Tobacco Curing Using New Generation Tobacco Equipment

    Quality Tobacco Curing Using New Generation Tobacco Equipment

    In today's competitive, cost conscious world of tobacco farming, high efficiency is the only way to increase your profits. That's why more producers around the country turn to Erie Structures. They know what they can rely on our CLASSIC Tobacco Kilns (Barns) 'Energy' to save on labour costs, reduce energy consumption and cure tobacco to world-class standards.