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  • Grape Harvesters

  • ERO Grapeliner - Model SF200 - Grape Harvester

    ERO Grapeliner - Model SF200 - Grape Harvester

    When developing the self-propelled ERO Grapeliner SF200 grape harvester, besides the quality of the harvest and gentle treatment of your valuable vines, we concentrated especially on the driver’s comfort. The spacious, comfortable, optionally air-conditioned cabin provides you with optimum all-round vision and, through the glass floor, a first-class view of the row of vines. The ability to save harvesting routines for control of the harvesting...

  • Cane Pruner

  • ERO - Model VITECO - Cane Pruner

    ERO - Model VITECO - Cane Pruner

    Finally a machine that not only tackles the last frontier of vineyard mechanisation, but also produces outstanding results. The unique technology of the ERO Cane Pruner has been developed to slash the costs and resource required during pruning, the most challenging of vineyard jobs. The machine works by seizing the fruiting wire, previously the main obstacle, and feeding it through a guide so that anything attached to it is removed. The wire is...

  • Vineyard Trimmers

  • ERO - Model ELITE - Trimmer

    ERO - Model ELITE - Trimmer

    Seven different cutting lengths from 100 to 195 centimetres enable its use in widely differing vineyards. The Elite Comfort model includes the Comfort Controller with joystick operation, so that just a single-acting control valve and a pressure-free return line are required on the tractor. The ERO Elite trimmer is available in L-form or over-row, in both one and two-sided versions.

  • ERO - Model Modul Line - Trimmer

    ERO - Model Modul Line - Trimmer

    The ERO Modul Line range offers a free choice between equipment variants. We will be pleased to help you make the right choice of unit and select the right options for your applications.ERO was the first manufacturer to offer a trimmer which operated on the free-cutting principle. The advantages of this system — increased operating speed, elimination of knives blocked by foliage, and reduced wear- led to its rapid and widespread adoption. The...

  • Model Profi Line  - Trimmer

    Model Profi Line - Trimmer

    Profi Line’s comprehensive basic equipment ensures rapid, fatigue-free working. Because its mounting has automatic centring, Profi Line is quick and easy to install. Just connect two hydraulic hoses and the electrical power supply, and Profi Line is ready for use. The joystick, included in the standard equipment, provides convenient operation of numerous functions. The ERO Profi Line has excellent weight balance to make driving easier over...

  • Vineyard Shoot Binders

  • ERO  - Model 250 - Shoot Binder

    ERO - Model 250 - Shoot Binder

    Equipped with a stapler that takes sticks of 250 staples, the ERO Shoot Binder 250 is reasonably priced and easy to operate. It is suitable for both front and over-hood mounting.

  • ERO  - Model 500 - Shoot Binder

    ERO - Model 500 - Shoot Binder

    The easy-to-use stick-feed automatic stapler takes sticks of 500 staples so that it can also be used effectively for long rows. For easy filling, the magazine can be withdrawn completely from the automatic stapler. Standard equipment of the ERO Shoot Binder 500 includes garn stop, clamping pincer and clearing device. The ERO Shoot Binder 500 is suitable for front mounting on all popular vineyard tractors.

  • ERO  - Model 4000 - Shoot Binder

    ERO - Model 4000 - Shoot Binder

    Shoot Binder  With a capacity of 4000 staples, the roll-feed automatic stapler can bind more than one hectare of vines between refills. Standard equipment includes garn stop, clamping pincer and clearing device. It is suitable for both front and over-hood mounting.

  • Other Vineyard Products

  • ERO  - Vineyard Defoliators

    ERO - Vineyard Defoliators

    In trials independent institutes have demonstrated that systematic defoliation of the grape zone is a decisive factor in improving wine quality. Because ERO Defoliators work on the 'suck and cut' principle, when fitted with a grille with 9 bars (70 mm bar spacing), they can be used for thinning inflorescences. When a top cutter is also fitted, the first trimming operation can be carried out at the same time. You save time and reduce soil compaction....

  • ERO  - Leaf Strippers

    ERO - Leaf Strippers

    The two contra-rotating rollers of an ERO Leaf Stripper pluck leaves gently from the vines. The valuable grapes remain unharmed. These Leaf Strippers can be used at any time between flowering and harvesting. The parallelogram function, included in the standard equipment, holds the leaf-stripping head so that it is ideally positioned in relation to the foliage at all times. This applies both uphill and downhill. The stainless steel cover is easy to...

  • ERO  - Post Pounder

    ERO - Post Pounder

    When the Post Pounder is placed on a post, two concentric weights inside it are set in motion. The post is driven into the ground by a succession of small blows. The weights of the standard ERO Post Pounder are 60 kg, and the heavy-duty version has 90 kg weights.