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  • Biber Trucks

  • Biber  - Model 92 - Trucks

    Biber - Model 92 - Trucks

    The Biber 92 model is characterised by its convincing efficiency and perfect performance. It is ideal for processing timber of up to 75 cm in diameter. Its feeder with a width of 122 cm can handle even unwieldy material and efficiently process it. The chipping roller, exceeding 1m in diameter, with its 10 respectively 20 chipping knives or optional blades, along with its large screen, produces as well precise fine as coarse chips, size of G50 or G100,...

  • Biber  - Model 84 - Trucks

    Biber - Model 84 - Trucks

    With its feeding width of 122 cm, the ‚84′ series is ideal for bush chipping or forest residue as well as for round timber up to 60 cm in diameter. The broad chipping rotor with its 10 respectively 20 chipping knives or optional blades allows an even higher throughput. The new Eschlböck chipping rotor is smooth-running and especially energy-saving in construction. The robust chipping knives or the optional blade system produce as well...

  • Biber  - Model 83 - Truck

    Biber - Model 83 - Truck

    The optimised feeding system and a large and aggressive feeding roller allow convenient introduction of material within easy reach of the chipping knives. Its split and large screen element accelerates the material drainage after the chipping process, also increasing the flow capacity of wood chips. The minor friction also reduces the content of small particles leading to a higher quality of wood chips. The large, low-wear blowers with a diameter of...

  • Biber  - Model 78 - Truck

    Biber - Model 78 - Truck

    Biber 78 is the newest model of the new chipper generation. Equipped with the newest chipping technology, it produces perfect fine wood chips, but also coarse chips. In the medium size segment, it exceeds all expectations concerning power and quality of wood chips. It is also ideal for eliminating scattered woodpiles in an effective and economic way. The infeed system works aggressively when processing brushwood as well as round timber up to 60 cm in...

  • Wood Chipper

  • Biber  - Model 7 - Wood Chipper

    Biber - Model 7 - Wood Chipper

    Sophisticated technology – high-performance and smooth runningThe high centrifugal mass of the Eschlböck chipping drum, with its 8 knives offset in pairs, guarantees smooth running and a relatively low power requirement. The electronic feed control that comes as standard enables you to work continuously, even with a small towing vehicle, and increases throughput. The powerful hydraulic system (on the Biber 7 plus extra power comes as...

  • Biber  - Model 6 - Wood Chipper

    Biber - Model 6 - Wood Chipper

    The product range of Eschlböck is widening: The “Biber 6″, a new chipper smaller than the Biber 7, now opens the world of drum-chippers. This machine combines many advantages of the heavy-chippers with compact external dimensions. And also important: Powered by tractors with a drive horse power between 80-100 HP, the “Biber 6″ runs smoothly. The new developed chipping rotor with the 4 spiral-arranged blades is very easy to...

  • Biber  - Model 5 - Wood Chipper

    Biber - Model 5 - Wood Chipper

    The specially designed chipping rotors of the Biber 5 series mean that, depending on the model, the chip length can be accurately adjusted from 0.5 to about 12 cm. The system of stationary feed rollers and the angle of the knives make for energy-saving chopping performance, even at maximum branch diameter.  Continuous working is guaranteed by the patented parallel guides between the movable feed rollers and the knife wheel – no risk of the...

  • Biber  - Model 3 - Wood Chipper

    Biber - Model 3 - Wood Chipper

    These machines have their own hydraulic systems, independent of the towing vehicle, which allows for a powerful feed system through two horizontal rollers with rows of sharp teeth.

  • Biber  - Wood Chipper

    Biber - Wood Chipper

    The Biber 2 series is ideal for chopping offcuts from tree surgery, overgrown bushes, vines etc.

  • Spaltbiber - Wood Chipper

    Spaltbiber - Wood Chipper

    Once you have seen the Spaltbiber in action, as a wood chipper you can always be secure in the knowledge that there will never be any logs left over. The Spaltbiber works on an entirely new principle. It splits sideways. That means it can split any diameter of tree trunk easily and safely that the loading crane is able to fit in the splitter’s tray. The loading crane can also be used to lift up the top, split section and so helps further in the...

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