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  • Azasure - Azamethiphos

    Azasure - Azamethiphos

    Azasure (500mg/g Azamethiphos) Powder for Suspension for Fish Treatment. Used for: control of mature pre-adult to adult sea lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) or (Caligus spp.) on farmed Atlantic salmon.

  • Biosecurity

  • SuperSmolt

    The real alternative to traditional photoperiod based smoltification. For the last 10 years, the Scottish Aquaculture industry has been using the SuperSmolt programme to produce tens of millions of optimally smoltified salmon from tank-based systems.

  • SuperSmolt - Original

    SuperSmolt - Original

    SuperSmolt continues to provide clear benefits for both smolt producers and ongrowers: Flexibility: SuperSmolt fish never desmoltify, giving you greater control over seawater transfer dates. Enhanced production: SuperSmolt can be used to optimise production by producing smolts earlier or larger. Better smolts: SuperSmolt fish come on to feed quicker and more evenly post transfer. Improved health and welfare: SuperSmolt reduces stress, disease...

  • Kickstart - Model 2 - Biosecurity

    Kickstart - Model 2 - Biosecurity

    A powerful disinfectant combination of peracetic acid, H2O2 and acetic acid effective against a wide range of aquatic pathogens.

  • SuperSmolt - Feed Only

    SuperSmolt - Feed Only

    The new SuperSmolt Feed Only programme additionally delivers: Reduced Effort: All the benefits of SuperSmolt without the need for mineral treatments. Increased Planning Agility: The programme can be applied in both freshwater cages and hatcheries.

  • Diagnostics

  • Genesig - Model q16 - On-Site QPCR Diagnostics

    Genesig - Model q16 - On-Site QPCR Diagnostics

    The Genesig q16 is a revolutionary step forward in on-site qPCR diagnostics.  Owing to its ultraportable design, the Genesig q16 enables qPCR screening on-site and in real-time in under two hours, thus facilitating the dialogue between the farm manager and the fish health professional.