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  • Agricultural Greenhouses

  • Multiart - Our Flagship Greenhouses

    Multiart - Our Flagship Greenhouses

    Multiart belongs to the upright poleagricultural greenhousesallowing to achieve the widest volumetry.  Available also in ogive-shape. The anchoring to the groundl of theagricultural greenhousesis carried out by a telescopic system with tubular to be cemented, where the pillar is inserted externally in order to adjust the gutter inclination. It is also possible to carry out the anchoring to the ground, by using posts with welded helix in order to...

  • Tunnelart - Tunnel Greenhouses

    Tunnelart - Tunnel Greenhouses

    Tunnelart,tunnel greenhousesproviding the greatest accessibility in the laterals. The basic elements of thetunnel greenhousesare manufactured in galvanized steel through the Sendzimir Z 275 process in a molten zinc dip and are built according to criteria, which make their assembly easier.

  • Greenhouses for other Uses - Photovoltaic Greenhouses

  • Venlosun - Glass Photovoltaic Greenhouses

    Venlosun - Glass Photovoltaic Greenhouses

    Also the Venlosunglass greenhouses, are suitable for the application of photovoltaic panels; they have a “iron-glass” structure made of flat lattice beam, on which 3.20 m modular trusses are placed.

  • Greenhouses for other Uses

  • StoreArt - Warehouse Greenhouses

    StoreArt - Warehouse Greenhouses

    Our greenhouses thanks to their versatility are also used aswarehouse greenhouses, storage coverings for different needs such as hay storage, shed for agricultural tools and other products requiring to be sheltered. TheSTOREART warehouse greenhousesare realized according to ourTUNNELARTagricultural greenhouses (without cementation) andMULTIART(with cementation).

  • FARMART - Breeding Greenhouses

    FARMART - Breeding Greenhouses

    Thebreeding greenhouseis usually designed according to our MULTIART model without gutter or MULTISUN. According to the needs, thebreeding greenhousesare also considered the ogive-shape structures, which do not require eny cementation..

  • Greenhouses for Mushroom Beds

    Greenhouses for Mushroom Beds

    The greenhouses for themushroom cultivations,known asmushroom bed greenhouses,are mostly  UPRIGHT WALL TUNNEL GREENHOUSE, which  is particularly suitable for this type of cultivations.

  • Sports Greenhouses

    Sports Greenhouses

    Thesports greenhousesare designed to cover sports spaces (e.g. boules courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc.). They are usually realized according to the main model, the MULTIART greenhouse.

  • Garden Center

  • GlassArt - Glass Greenhouses

    GlassArt - Glass Greenhouses

    Suitable for each kind of solution, theglass greenhoussare a certainty for quality and safety.Materials and zinc-coating in glass.The structures of theglass greenhousescomply with the original and patented UNI regulations. The used material is completely hot dip galvanized.

  • Other Products

  • Gardening Greenhouses

    Gardening Greenhouses

    Serregiardini, sole agent for Italy of hobby greenhouses, gardening greenhouses, amateur greenhouses, winter gardens (knowns also as orangeries), garden gazebos, verandah and coverings for swimming pools Also Serregiardini was set up from the experience of  EUROPROGRESS, which has been dealing with greenhouses and technologies for protected crops since 1986. In addition to the greenhouses, it suppplies all the accessories, such as:...

  • Thermal Screens for Greenhouses

    Thermal Screens for Greenhouses

    The thermal screens help to create the ideal climatic conditions for the growing of the plants inside the greenhouses reduce energy costs thanks to the thermal power .